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The metal halide lamp was originally developed for industrial use – for example to illuminate business premises or workshops. Metal halide lamps are also in demand for stadium lighting or floodlighting, because metal halide lamps have a high light intensity. Metal vapor lamps are also used, for example, to illuminate monuments, parks and streets and to present goods in shop windows. Metal vapor lamps are also popular in the event area. Metal halide lamps are not intended for home lighting. However, metal halide lamps can be used for garden lighting because their light reproduces green tones very naturally. For example, they highlight the color character of the strong green foliage of the trees.

Outside, however, they are still a good choice for city, industrial and stadium lighting. From a technical point of view, they are a further development of the high-pressure mercury lamp. By adding halogen compounds of different metals, all performance features have improved. The type of additives determines the light color from warm white (ww) to neutral white (nw) to daylight white (tw) and the color rendering properties.

Lamp types specially developed for sports facilities or street lighting have an extra long lifespan and are optimized for long maintenance intervals. Metal halide lamps are available with and without a reflector.

JBSV sells original and alternative products from well-known and respected manufacturers:

  • Osram
  • Philips

All of the above companies are certified: DIN EN ISO 9000 and EN ISO 14001.
The wide range of products in our warehouse ensures short delivery times.

Bestsellers in the category – Metal halide lamps: OSRAM HTI 250W/22, OSRAM HTI 250W/22C, OSRAM HTI 250W/32, OSRAM HTI 250W/32C, OSRAM HTI 403W/24, OSRAM HTI 403W/24, OSRAM HTI 1200W/SE

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