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The advantage of lithium over alkaline batteries can be explained using the example of a camera. It turns out that the camera, which is powered by a lithium battery, can take up to seven times more photos than an alkaline battery. This is due to the high resistance of lithium batteries due to high current discharges that occur when the flash fires.

It is also important that the alkaline battery even loses 90% of its volume at -5 ° C, since the electrolyte contained in it freezes. In addition, lithium batteries have a 60% higher capacity at room temperature than alkaline batteries.

When the discharge current is high, lithium batteries have a four times (or 400%) higher capacity than alkaline batteries. The electronics market is constantly evolving and we currently have a large number of lithium batteries to choose from.

JBSV sells original and alternative products from well-known and respected manufacturers:

  • Varta
  • Panasonic

All of the above companies are certified: DIN EN ISO 9000 and EN ISO 14001.
The wide range of products in our warehouse ensures short delivery times.

Bestsellers in the category – Lithium batteries: CR2032, CR2025, CR2450, CR2430, CR1616, CR2016, CR1225, CR1216, CR1220

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